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This was an incredible experience, and I can’t recommend Katie and her styling services enough! Katie helped me create a fabulous wardrobe that I feel comfortable and confident in. She also helped me define and understand my style that I didn’t even know I had. I’ve never been excited to pick out what I was going to wear before this. I can’t wait to work with her again!

Abigail Katz,

Senior Manager, HR

New York Red Bulls

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If there were 6 stars I'd give an extra - was the best investment imaginable. Katie understood my style instantaneously and created a whole wardrobe with the items and accessories I already had!! Was a matter of putting together outfits I would have never thought of (despite having a sense of fashion on my own!) I feel like I have a whole new wardrobe, and even better: a whole new excitement and confidence that I have not in a while. Highly recommend!!

Rachel Schwartz,

Founder of Zap Group

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Working with Katie was an absolute delight! I hired Katie to help me prepare for an upcoming branding photo shoot which required several different outfits. Katie went the extra mile and in anticipation of our virtual meeting reached out to my photographer to better understand the different shot locations so that we could select appropriate outfits. Their additional collaboration made for such a productive call for us. When Katie and I had our consult she had a plan in place for each type of outfit that I would need. She guided me though my closet and helped me assemble the right outfit for each setting. Along the way, she helped me to build more confidence on my own putting together outfits on a daily basis and as I prepare for client meetings going forward. I look forward to working with Katie again as I’m sure there will be more opportunities for fashion help in the future!

Courtney Zanelli

Courtney Zanelli, LLC 

Kitchen and bath design

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Katie is my clothing stylist for all my brand photography clients and really has elevated my business by making my clients feel more confident and prepared on our shoots. I'm grateful for her expertise!

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Carley Storm

  Carley Storm Branding Co.

Amazing! I have been following Kabel Styles on Social Media and was super nervous about pulling the trigger. I'm a stay at home mom and I thought this service is more for CEO's and working moms. I've been stuck in a covid rut living in my oversized sweatshirts and leggings. I needed help with date nights and finding complete outfits. Katie is simply a doll. She is SO good at what she does. She clearly knows style and makes it effortless.

Thank you so much Katie!


Freehold, NJ

Katie is a top notch image consultant (not just personal stylist!) who helped me transform my look and feel like a million bucks. I am a new mom of 3 (twins + 1) and reached out to her because I felt ready to put myself out there again through my work as a small business owner and podcast host. Katie has helped me find pieces and silhouettes that are flattering for my new body. Having her audit my closet was great as she removed pieces that really needed to be retired. We had a lovely time during our shopping trip and were super efficient with the stores we went to. I now have chic, quality staples in my closet (blazer, scarves, trousers, blouses, wide leg pants, jeans, jewelry) that I know will last me a long time and look amazing. I love the new brands she introduced me to like Madewell. I can't recommend her enough and am so thrilled to have worked with someone with keen fashion sense, expertise, the eye to dress for YOU, and above all else, I have made a new friend. Thank you Katie!!! So grateful to you! :)

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Kanika Chadda Gupta
That's Total Momsense Podcast

Working with Katie for my upcoming branded photo shoot was a dream. She somehow managed to help me come up with 6 (!) complete outfits in a quick 60 min Zoom call (with some prep prior), and I couldn't be happier. She's a total pro both in how she conducts business, and in her expertise as a stylist. She made sure that all the outfits worked together, considering my business goals, brand colors, personality and - of course - cohesive style! Bonus: We had so much fun. I'm even more excited (and less overwhelmed) to get my photos taken now. Thanks, Katie!

Michelle Ward
The 90 Day Biz Launch


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Working with Katie was an amazing experience! She made me feel comfortable immediately and she helped me see what in my closet was working for me and what wasn’t. We then went shopping where she helped me find a few amazing pieces that helped pull it all together. We had so much fun styling outfits at the end. I can’t wait to work with her again in the future!


Kinnelon, NJ

I am a super organized person. I enjoy putting things in their right place and making sure everything looks right. It's all easy for me.
Except my clothes closet. It was such an overwhelming mess, I hated going in there...UNTIL KATIE.
She really got me motivated. We went through small sections at a time and Katie made it manageable and fun.
She is wonderful to work with, very professional and she really knows fashion. It was a wonderful experience.


Westfield, NJ

Katie is the friend you wish you had to help you with your wardrobe, except she's even better. As a professional stylist who truly understands fit and fashion, she’ll work with you to help define your own personal style, in all its variations. She’ll tactfully help you through an efficient closet purge, then help you select the new pieces you need to make your wardrobe more versatile and current. Best of all, you get to play dress-up with all the clothes in your closet, mixing and matching in ways you hadn’t thought of, resulting in a closet full of clothes you know how to put together and you’re happy to wear. Each outfit is photographed for your own personal “Look Book” which you can refer to when Katie is not around to help, though she is readily available for phone and email consultations. Katie is down-to-earth, easy to work with and a consummate professional. Working with her was a great gift to myself and a very fun indulgence.


Maplewood, NJ

I consider myself a pack rat when it comes to clothes; holding on to once-trendy pieces that haven’t come back in style in a decade. Now that my family is moving to a new home, it came time to pack it or purge. This is where Katie came in! 

She went through and organized my clothes by category, seeing where I had too much of the same item and where I was lacking, donating what didn’t fit me well and tossing what was “worn”. She found classic pieces to fill in where I was void. My wardrobe makes sense for my life now and is much easier to select outfits thanks to Katie’s keen sense of style and practicality. Thank you Katie! 




My morning routine used to consist of getting my family ready then rushing into my closet only to feel like I had nothing to wear. I would inevitably grab one of the same five outfits and throw it together, usually leaving the house feeling pretty sloppy. Katie helped me go through my closet piece by piece and find what really worked for me, and what didn’t. Then she helped me restock my wardrobe with pieces that fit my body, lifestyle and budget. Lastly, she created outfits from my new and old pieces for looks that are appropriate for daily wear or a special night out. Now I waste less time fussing through an outdated wardrobe and dress more confidently! 






I can not thank you enough for organizing my disaster of a closet. Your ability to see through all of my clutter and find key pieces to help build a foundation of my wardrobe was so helpful. As you recall, I had several business suits that I no longer wear. Utilizing your expert eye, you repurposed several blazers into very chic and wearable outfits. I also loved your suggestions on key pieces my wardrobe was lacking. The personal shopping element was a huge time saver for me! I love that you took the time to understand by body type and found beautiful pieces to flatter my shape. 


For me, one of the very best parts of your service was the reorganization! You brought clarity and functionality to my closet which had been missing for years! You saved me so much time and energy- as a busy mom, I did not have the time to clean out my closet and organize it. So thank you! 


I also have to thank you for that incredible customized look book of the outfits you curated for me. It has been so helpful when I’ve been pulling looks together. 


It was an absolute pleasure working with you! Thanks again! 



Scotch Plains, NJ


Westfield, NJ

Amanda Stotler

Beauty Counter

I believe that everything in your home has the potential to uplift you. My closet space didn’t quite have that feeling until Katie shared her expertise and time with me. Katie’s mindful approach to clear, reorganize and recreate my closet was executed with such ease and joy. You instantly can witness how passionate she is about enhancing her client’s quality of life through design, wardrobe reorganization and refining your style. 

I’m always impressed how Katie can piece together outfits that make you feel comfortable, beautiful and ‘with it.’ With new additions and some elimination, my closet feels lighter and therefore I feel lighter. Katie made the process very co-created while also taking the reigns, which I appreciated and thought it much necessary. Despite it being a wardrobe overhaul, Katie provided a service that was both cleansing and transformational, not just for my closet but for me as well.




Hoboken, NJ

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