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Enough of the wardrobe

struggles and dilemmas.

Elevate your everyday style,  get dressed with ease, and show up as your best self!

The Importance of Image and Personal Style

 As a form of nonverbal communication, our personal appearance is an essential tool for communicating our values and beliefs.   It helps us to tell our story and relate to others.  Choosing what to wear in the morning is one of the first steps in setting our intentions for the day and helping to achieve our personal and professional goals.  I'm honored to have helped hundreds of women step out of the fitting room as a more confident and secure self.

Discover how your wardrobe can help you achieve your personal and professional goals.


Fashion for the everyday woman.

After over 2 decades of working in fashion retail, I left work to start a family. I always enjoyed working, and knew I wanted to return to work when the time was right. I was eager to get back to doing what I love; cultivating meaningful relationships, making women feel confident and empowered, and channeling my creative energy. Working as a personal stylist allows me to fulfill my desire to be productive, engaged, and creative, while still attending to the needs of a young family.


"You instantly can witness how passionate she is about enhancing her client’s quality of life through design, wardrobe reorganization and refining your style."


Kelly - Hoboken, NJ


Personal Styling

Look and Feel Your Best

Forgoing trends, I aim to accent the client’s personality while identifying her current style needs according to lifestyle and budget.

"Katie is the friend you wish you had to help you with your

wardrobe, except she's even better. As a professional stylist who truly understands fit and fashion, she’ll work with you to help define your own personal style, in all its variations."

Laure - Maplewood, NJ

Personal Shopping

Save time and money.

You won't have to deal with pushy sales associates or flipping through racks and racks of clothes when you leave the shopping to me.

"She helped me restock my wardrobe with pieces that fit my body, lifestyle and budget.  Now I waste less time fussing through an outdated wardrobe and dress more confidently!" 

Alison - Westfield, NJ

Closet Organization

Get dressed with ease.

Get your day started on the right foot by effortlessly picking out your outfit from an organized and decluttered closet.


"I can not thank you enough for organizing my disaster of a closet. Your ability to see through all of my clutter and find key pieces to help build a foundation of my wardrobe was so helpful." 

Amanda -Westfield, NJ


"She made sure that all the outfits worked together, considering my business goals, brand colors, personality and - of course - cohesive style!   Bonus: We had so much fun"

Michelle - Montclair, NJ


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